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Boom Boom + Potencianövelő regisztrált vásárlóknak

Potencianövelő ogyei

Gyorsan hat és kőkemény merevedést okoz, amely tartósan megmarad. Természetes gyógynövényt tartalmaz.

2 capsule / box


22 500 Ft45 000 Ft

(Kiszereléstől függő)

Keress akár 4,500 Pont.

Boom Boom potencianövelő kapszula regisztrált vásárlóknak


Collection guide
It is recommended to swallow 1 Boom Boom capsule with plenty of liquid 0.5 to 1 hour before sex. It is recommended to use the product every 1-2 days.

Who do we recommend?
Recommended for men between 18 and 70 years old. Also for people with blood pressure problems and diabetes.

OGYÉI notification
OGYÉI notification number: 22766/2019.

What do we recommend?
It results in a powerful and fast erection. It solves erectile problems.
An amazing sexual act, through which masculinity resurfaces.

Possible side effects
It has no known side effects


  • Powdered Asian ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng),
  • Powdered taiga root extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus),
  • Capsule (gelatin)
  • Powdered burdock fruit extract (Arctium lappa),
  • Powdered dry five-leaved gynostemma extract,
  • Dyes (E102, E124).

Quality preservation
It retains its quality for the period indicated on the side of the box.

Its consumption is not recommended for children under 18 years of age and for women. E102 and E124 - may have a harmful effect on the activity and attention of children.
Keep out of reach of children. The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Store at room temperature and away from light


  • Officially licensed product in Hungary. OÉTI license number: 28220/2022.
  • It contains only plant ingredients that are not harmful to health.
  • It has no or completely negligible side effects.
  • It can be ordered safely, legally and authorized online.
  • Causes a rock-hard erection: helps through stress and fatigue;
  • Acts extremely quickly (30-60 minutes);
  • You may even be able to do the action more than once;
  • It can strengthen your self-confidence in an extraordinary way;
  • Impress the girls: you can easily start a second round;
  • Even if you don't have erection problems, the difference will be spectacular;


You can order from us at a reliable place.

Also, thanks to its discreet packaging, you can even order it at your workplace, since the packaging is not transparent, and the name of the product inside is not written on it either.

Weight 0,01 kg

1 doboz, 1 doboz 4 500 Ft, 10+1 doboz +1 kapszula Boom, 10+1 doboz +1 kapszula Tronado+, 10+2 Boom Boom, 10+2 doboz, 10+2 Tornado+, 2 doboz, 2 doboz 9000 Ft, 3 doboz, 3 doboz 13500 ft, 4 doboz, 4 doboz ingyenes szállítással, 4 doboz ingyenes szállítással 18 000 Ft, 4+1 Boom Boom, 4+1 doboz, 4+1 Tornado+, 5 doboz, 5 doboz ingyenes szállítással, 5 doboz ingyenes szállítással 22500 Ft, 5+1 Boom Boom, 5+1 doboz, 5+1 kapszula Boom Boom, 5+1 kapszula Tornado+, 5+1 Tornado+, 6 doboz, 6 doboz ingyenes szállítással, 6 doboz ingyenes szállítással 27 000 Ft, 6+1 Boom Boom, 6+1 doboz, 6+1 kapszula Boom Boom, 6+1 kapszula Tornado+, 6+1 Tornado+, 7 doboz, 7 doboz ingyenes szállítással, 7 doboz ingyenes szállítással 31500 Ft, 7+1 Boom Boom, 7+1 doboz, 7+1 kapszula Boom Boom, 7+1 kapszula Tornado+, 7+1 Tornado+, 8 + 1 doboz ingyenes szállítással 36 000 Ft, 8+1 doboz, 8+1 doboz ingyenes szállítással, 8+2 Boom Boom, 8+2 doboz, 8+2 Tornado+, 9+1 doboz +1 kapszula Boom, 9+1 doboz +1 kapszula Tronado+, 9+2 Boom Boom, 9+2 doboz, 9+2 Tornado+


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